We turn 30 years old, full of successes!!

It seems that it was yesterday when in June 1992 SERVIPRO was founded. Today, our growth has made us remain stronger than ever and achieve many of the goals we had set for ourselves. Three decades full of hard work, effort, commitment to customers, and above all a lot of enthusiasm on the part of all those who have formed this company in its 30 years of life.

The reality is that all this would not be possible without our customers. This is why the organization is still afloat and on track, for which we want to express our gratitude.

How have we celebrated it?

To celebrate, with our clients a visit was made by our managers to the facilities of each of them, granting thanks and recognition to the oldest customers from 10, 15, 20 and 25 years old with a total of 61 clients who have demonstrated their loyalty to our services.

Servipro will continue to position itself and work day by day, as a leading company in high quality technology services in private security, to contribute to the performance of its clients' activities in an environment of trust, protection and constant innovation.


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