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In this section you will find the vacancies available in our company.

For us, human capital is the key factor for our company to succeed. Our collaborators are the most important resource, we develop and provide day-to-day security to our customers, making the company constantly improving.

Vacancies available

Security Guard

Mission of the Charge:

Respond for the safeguarding of the client's property and property, its physical integrity and that of the workers, officials and visits of the objective where it provides the physical surveillance service.


  • Carry out surveillance and protection of movable or immovable property and events, public and private, as well as the protection of people who may be in them.
  • Provide a security service ensuring the protection and safeguarding of the goods of customers and those of the organization, attached to compliance with the security standards and functions of the position.


  • Schooling requirement: Minimum primary approved, desirable 3rd year of secondary approved.
  • Certificate of school grades or diploma issued by MINED (Photocopy and Original).
  • 01 readable photocopy of IDENTITY card expanded to 200% (Present current original)
  • 01 readable photocopy of DAEM License 200% (Present Original).
  • 01 readable photocopy of Security Guard Accreditation, expanded to 200% (Present Original).
  • Police Record Procedures Law 510 updated (Photocopy and Original)
  • Updated judicial record (Photocopy and original)
  • Updated Health Certificate (Photocopy and original) .
  • 03 last work records.
  • 02 updated letters of recommendation.
  • Updated Vitae Curriculum

If you qualify, You Only Apply 🎯sending your CV to the mail

📧 seleccion.rrhh@servipro.com.ni

Jinotega Department Supervisor


  • Technician in Business Administration.
  • Research techniques.
  • Management of basic computer programs.
  • Knowledge Law 510, 779, 903.
  • Customer service and human relationships.
  • Techniques for writing reports.
  • Planning techniques.
  • Driver's license Category 1.2. Desirable 1,2, 3.
  • Management and control technique for work teams
  • Supervision techniques.


  • Site inspection technique.
  • Evaluation of security systems.
  • Development of security plans
  • Preparation and development of special plans
  • Updated Judicial Constancy (copy and original)
  • Updated Health Certificate (copy and original)
  • Job records.
  • Three updated letters of recommendation
  • Updated Vitae Curriculum


If you qualify, You Only Apply 🎯sending your CV to the mail
📧 seleccion.rrhh@servipro.com.ni

Field Supervisors Managua


  • College student, high school, minimum third year of approved high school.
  • Judicial record and record Law 510.
  • DAEM License and Accreditation
  • Driver's License Category 1.2


    If you qualify, You Only Apply 🎯sending your CV to the mail
    📧 seleccion.rrhh@servipro.com.ni



    • Commercial or executive secretariat.
    • Management of Office package, Internet and email.
    • Good Spelling and Writing
    • Archiving techniques
    • Customer service and human relations.
    • 01 year of experience in similar positions.


    If you qualify, You Only Apply 🎯sending your CV to the mail

    📧 seleccion.rrhh@servipro.com.ni

    Zone Manager


    • University student, baccalaureate, minimum third year of high school approved.
    • Knowledge Law 510 and Law 903.
    • Driver's license Category 1.2 and 3.
    • One year of experience in management positions.
    • DAEM License and Accreditation

    If you qualify, You Only Apply 🎯sending your CV to the mail

    📧 seleccion.rrhh@servipro.com.ni

    Why work with us?

    Compliance with legal obligations

    Social Security

    Good organizational climate

    A good environment contributes to having a more productive and committed team with the company, more satisfied customers and therefore happier people.

    Constant training

    Training plays a key role in achieving tasks and projects, as it is the process by which workers acquire the knowledge, tools, skills and attitudes to interact in the work environment and fulfill the work entrusted to them.

    Benefits for staff


    • Pharmacy
    • Optic
    • Library

    Job Stability

    Job stability is critical to maintaining motivation of an employee. In this way, it is possible to generate a sense of belonging to the company and increase its performance feeling like you're part of a "family."

    Performance assessment

    In this way, the company obtains basic information and necessary to make decisions correctly and correctly. If performance matches or exceeds the goals set, employees will have to be motivated to to continue to perform their functions well.


    You want to apply to any of the vacancies

    If you qualify, You only apply 🎯sending your Curriculum to the mail 📧 seleccion.rrhh@servipro.com.ni, specify in the case the vacancy to which you are applying.

    You can call us at 2255 8800 ext 148.

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