Provide a comprehensive option on assistance to personal emergencies.


  1. Traffic accident: Notice to the National Traffic Police and Accompaniment of protection of the person at the location of the accident, which would be carried out with supervisory personnel.
  2. Lack of fuel: Fuel supply necessary so that the vehicle can be moved to the nearest gas station. The service would be performed by external personnel with whom an alliance is established.
  3. Vehicle damage: Accompaniment in the place where the emergency occurs, either due to damage to the vehicle, including tire puncture, (call a vulcanizer).
  4. Medical Alarm: Locate and notify a doctor or hospital.

Process of analysis and evacuation of security risks of a company or property, includes the identification and analysis of the protected assets (assets, infrastructure and people), the threats, the probability of manifestation of the threats, the impact on the operations, the Analysis of the level of protection and determination of risk levels. A risk matrix is presented with the identification of priorities.


Process that, based on an analysis and evaluation of risks, identifies, selects, proposes and prioritizes policies, procedures or security measures for the protection of assets and the reduction of losses.


They are tests that are based on the detection of alterations of the central nervous system of the people, in case of selection of position that they handle money in cash or in the study of incidents.

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